who i am

My name is Iftikhar Khan and I am a photographer and videographer based in London. I specialise in many different crafts from post production to wedding photography and tailor my work to my clients needs. Ever since the day I first picked up a camera, I have attempted to view life through a new lens and explore different perspectives. I have over 7 years of experience having started photography at a young age and I have worked for many clients all of whom have been satisfied with the end product. We see the ordinary world around us every day therefore I aim to enhance the world we know and broaden our comprehension of it through the power of creativity. When taking photos of clients, friends, nature or whatever the subject may be, I like to frame a moment otherwise lost because photography is an art of teleporting the past to the present. Throughout my career I have broadened my capabilities and I have always strived to leave my clients astonished.