the capturedbyifti guarantee


The Prices

Prices can be a headache to calculate with things like add-ons making prices become higher and higher and timing making photoshoots cost more. Instead of this, we operate on an all-inclusive price system whereby one price includes as many outfit changes as you want over a period of however long you want. Leave the calculator at home.


The Time

Photos are memories you never want to forget and for that reason, you don't want to be left waiting for months to receive your photos. So we work on a time frame that works for you. For all portrait shoots, you're guaranteed to receive your photos within 24 hours after the shoot. For every 24 hours over, you receive a 10% refund. As for events and weddings, you're guaranteed to get your photos within 72 hours. Same refund policy applies.


The Photos

Unlike most other photographers, there is no limit to the amount of photos you will receive. The best photos from the day will be selected, fully edited and delivered to you via a Google Drive link for easy access on mobile devices. And if there's anything you're not happy about, we'd be glad to help.